Evers vetoes bill seeking statewide population goal for wolves

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Supporters of the bill say it's necessary to keep the wolf population in check

Democratic Gov. Tony Evers has vetoed a Republican bill that would have ordered state wildlife regulators to set a statewide population goal for wolves.

The legislation was introduced by Sen. Rob Stafsholt, R-New Richmond, and Rep. Chanz Green, R-Grand View, after the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources nixed a population goal in an update of its wolf management plan.

In his veto message, Evers said he was vetoing the bill because he objected to a numeric goal for wolves. He also opposed limiting the DNR’s ability to use more flexible management strategies to maintain a healthy wolf population.

“This bill ignores the best available wildlife and social science in favor of a rigid, unscientific approach to wolf management,” Evers wrote.