Forum held to discuss wolf population

MEDFORD, Wis. (WAOW)  By Sabrina Lee 

Dozens gathered in Medford to discuss the predatory impact on hunting in Wisconsin, with the grey wolf population taking center stage.

Since their reintroduction to areas in Yellowstone and Idaho nearly 30 years ago, there are an estimated 950 to over a thousand wolves in the Badger state.

That's up from 248 in the year 2000.

The grey wolf is currently listed as an endangered species in Wisconsin, which means they may only be killed in defense of human life.

Hunter Nation, who organized the forum, said population has to be managed.

“We are at a critical state when we're talking about managing this apex predator. If we don't get wolves managed immediately, there's gonna be no deer population in Wisconsin,” said Keith Mark, President and Founder of Hunter Nation.