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Join Hunter Nation Founder and Host Keith Mark for a Virtual Campfire roundtable with Turkey Hunting Experts, Cuz Strickland, Jana Waller, Ray Eye & Rob Keck

Industry Experts on Turkey Hunting

Jana Waller – The Mountains Are Calling…For Turkeys.

If you're like thousands of other hunters, springtime brings about severe cases of cabin fever and the itch to get into the woods or mountains becomes critical. If you're thinking about exploring some other states for a fun turkey hunt look no further than the Big Sky Country. Montana is not only a state that…
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Cuz Strickland from Mossy Oak Q&A on Turkey Hunting

When do you start scouting for turkey season? Turkeys often move between fall and spring so don't rely strictly on deer season for your information. Deer season sightings are great but aren't enough. Use your feet and walk the woods as much as possible during the weeks prior to season. Look for scratching, feathers and…
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Ralph Cianciarulo – Hunting Tips for Merriam Turkeys

Ralph Cianciarulo – Hunting Tips for Merriam's Turkey Play Video So it's coming to springtime. And one of the best things, one of our most favorite things to do, and I used to pick on it a lot, you know, and that was Turkey and I used to say I hated turkey hunting and you…
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Talk'n Turkey by Rob Keck Tune-up tips

Box calls, like automobiles, need regular tune-ups. Even new boxes might need some service. Glazing of striking surfaces, a change in tension of the lid, or possibly dirt or moisture on the striker can cause sour notes. A turn of the screw, a light sanding, or a few rubs of chalk can put you back…
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Ezekiel’s First Long Beard

It's a pleasure to see our kids enjoy the outdoor lifestyle and reap the benefits of their harvest. Our son, Ezekiel, was able to harvest his first turkey in Mississippi this spring during the youth turkey season. Ezekiel already harvested a whitetail deer previously, and this year harvesting a turkey was on his agenda. We…
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Uncle Ted – 2023 Spring Has Sprung!

Spring Has Sprung! OK, I truly get this whole wonderful traditional springtime celebration of the season of renewal and all that wonderful four seasons of nature stuff, but I wonder if anyone actually celebrates it as enthusiastically as this old guitarplayer. Avidity; noun- extreme eagerness or enthusiasm Well, that not only identifies my approach to…
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