Talk’n Turkey by Rob Keck Tune-up tips


Box calls, like automobiles, need regular tune-ups. Even new boxes might need some service.

Glazing of striking surfaces, a change in tension of the lid, or possibly dirt or moisture on the striker can cause sour notes.

A turn of the screw, a light sanding, or a few rubs of chalk can put you back in the driver’s seat.

Try These Tips.

  1. Using fine sandpaper, sand the box’s feathered edges on top of the lip, Lightly sand along the whole length of the curve.
  2. Turn the box upside down and sand the underside (curved) part of the lid. Use medium or rough sandpaper, sanding across the grain.
  3. Chalk the lid thoroughly, using a soft, talc chalk (greaseless)
  4. With a screwdriver adjust the screw on the lid of the box so that the handle end is slanted slightly downward.
  5. Test the call for sound until satisfied. Pitch is an important factor to consider when tuning. Listen to a recording of wild turkeys to get it right.

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