By anyone’s standards, we are living in a crazy time! The “damndemic” has been hard on all of us, and many are rightfully concerned about the future. As we celebrate America’s 245th birthday, take a big deep breath and remember, we still are living in the greatest country in the world! Although there is much work ahead to make sure we keep It that way, as we are rolling up our sleeves preparing for the hard work ahead, let’s take a second to offer a prayer of thanks for the tremendous blessings that we do have as free Americans!

We live in a country where our Constitution allows us to worship as we please, speak our minds openly, and “Keep and Bear Arms,” to name a few of our fundamental rights.  We have an opportunity to be happy and succeed regardless of our color, sex, religion, shape, or size. As a hunter, it’s important that we have access to public lands, and due to the American model of conservation, have ample opportunity to hunt and feed our family with hands on conservation that delivers our meals directly from field to table. We also have the right to control the laws and policies that dictate the bounds of our freedoms, by voting in, or out, our elected “employees.”


Unfortunately, for decades, too many American hunters, while enjoying these great freedoms, have failed to participate in the voting process.  There are a lot of theories as to why that is so, but truthfully, I don’t care what the reason is.  What I do know is that currently, the individuals in power, are enacting laws and policy that are not only anti-hunting, but really are contrary to all our Traditional American Values.  They are introducing wolves into areas that they know will decimate the deer, elk, moose, and other game populations.  Once there, They won’t allow the states to manage the wolf population, like has occurred in the western and Great Lake states, which will have devastating consequences.  They are doing the same thing with the management of coyotes, which I refer to as “the little wolf.” Even though coyote populations are dangerously out of control in most states, some states like Virginia, are trying to ban coyote calling contests, that They know full well are needed to make sure the coyote populations don’t completely destroy the deer, turkey, rabbit, etc. populations. They keep putting up obstacles that make it harder for new hunters to get into the lifestyle and make it so hard  that seasoned hunters just quit hunting all together. They don’t let you hunt on Sundays in all states, call doves “song birds” in some states, and They fight to keep disabled hunters, including our great veterans, from using crossbows during archery season in some states.

I could go on and on, but the solution is simple.  Hunters must make their voices heard! It starts by registering to, and then voting.  It also requires showing unity. Imagine if only 3 patriots went to the Concord Bridge or only a handful of them crossed the Delaware with General Washington.  The result would be we would not be the greatest country in the world and would not enjoy the awesome freedoms that are unique to these United States of America. If you are like me and are sick of anti-hunting, anti-American politicians dictating our future, join me and join Hunter Nation. This is the group that sued the state of Wisconsin, and won, forcing a much-needed wolf hunting season.  This is the group that is fighting to make sure we have science-based conservation laws on the books when it comes to coyote management.  This is the group that has partnered with veteran groups in Montana to make sure our great warriors are not discriminated against when it comes to fully participating in this hunting lifestyle. This is the group that is dedicated to protecting and defending the American Hunter and our Hunting Lifestyle.  To learn more, or to join, go to HunterNation.org

So, on this 245th anniversary of our forefathers putting a boot in the back side of the British, I say a heartfelt prayer thanking our Almighty God, for protecting us and making us one great “Nation under God!” I also ask Him to provide all of us, especially the American Hunter, with the wisdom to recognize the evils that are being perpetrated on this Great Nation, and the courage to do something about it!

May God Bless all of you, and may He Bless the United States of America

Keith Mark