Hunt The Vote – Final Results and Impact

Our final data compilation from the 2020 election was completed at the end of March. This data revealed that Hunt the Vote’s efforts to turn out hunters who were new or very infrequent—“low-propensity”—voters was resoundingly successful.

In 2020, Hunt The Vote activated an astounding 464,000 hunters in eight key states who had never voted or had not voted in 2016 or 2018. In Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, North Carolina, Georgia, Ohio, and Texas, these hunters who embrace our Hunter Nation values of God, Family, Country, the Outdoor Lifestyle, and our nation’s Constitution had an outsized impact on the final results.

We know the vote margins for this election, particularly in these states, were very close. It proves even more what we already knew: Hunters can be a powerful voice in our nation’s democratic process. Our hunter voter activation strategy worked and 2020 was just the beginning.