Hunter Advocates Ralph and Vicki with The Choice talking about Hunter Nation

Archer's Choice & the The Choice - Ralph & Vicki Cianciarulo, RJ, and Aubrey take a moment to share their beginnings in hunting and it's importance. Highlighting the importance of stopping the infighting among hunters on what method is "Right" or "Wrong" and why it is time we stand united as hunters and with Hunter Nation to focus our efforts on protecting hunters rights. More on this and how you can help support the grassroots fight at

Ralph Cianciarulo 0:00
You know, I grew up a bow hunter got in trouble multiple times. And that was me.

Vicki Cianciarulo 0:05
Growing up, no one in my family hunted, ended up going on my first grouse hunt up in northern Wisconsin and I was hooked.

Ralph Cianciarulo 0:11
You know, and then I started working for archery shops, or archery pro shops in and around the whole Chicagoland area, opened my own

Vicki Cianciarulo 0:19
One thing led to another I end up going and wanting to shoot a bow. Well, I went to this archery shop, it was called Archers Choice and met the guy that owned the shop. Oh, that would be my husband now Ralph Cianciarulo. Sure enough, here we are Outdoor Channel Archers Choice, and then we turn and we have a second show The Choice. And the reason we did it was because there's so much fighting, we got beat up. Because we might have used a crossbow, or we might have used a rifle on our own show we got beat up for it and that's when we decided to come out with The Choice. And The Choice was simple. Didn't matter with what you hunted. It didn't matter how you hunted. If it was legal in the state, province or country, we embraced it. It may not have been what we liked, it may not have been something that we would have chosen. But the reality of it is we needed to stick together.

We can't gang up on each other as outdoor sportsmen and women we can't.

Ralph Cianciarulo 1:13
We've seen the fighting. We've seen the disorganization, we've seen so much be taken away from the true conservationists of our time, the hunters, the fishermen, the people that truly understand and respect and you know, are stewards of the land and the outdoors.

RJ Cianciarulo 1:34
Growing up under my mom and dad, I've really, really been able to see not only between going to camps, but watching them, rather than hunting them to hurt the population rather than hunting them to just get a trophy. They hunt, to manage the wildlife and manage the land. And to get meat onto our onto our plates in front of us.

Aubrey Miller 1:54
Growing up, I wasn't really much into hunting, or I wasn't even interested in hunting. In my high school years after I met RJ and just seeing the hunting world for what it is. It's totally not about the sport. It's about management and putting meat in the freezer and feeding your families. It's about the experience and what it can teach you.

Ralph Cianciarulo 2:15
And we sit here and I watch the news. And it drives me crazy that all of a sudden, something comes up the state's voting on this hunt, you know, on this, this thing or that thing. And there's all these anti-hunting organizations, and they're there. And we don't even have a voice.

RJ Cianciarulo 2:32
Our trouble today is if you go to a rally or something, you see all of these anti hunters or if you're online, you see all of these negative post towards hunters and all this other stuff. We don't have anybody to back us up.

Aubrey Miller 2:45
You know, being so new to this lifestyle and having a fresh perspective, it's heartbreaking. Knowing that there could be a chance that this could be all taken away from us.

Vicki Cianciarulo 2:55
There's places right now that don't even, that they passed, that veterans can't go out and hunt with a crossbow because they don't feel it's right. And you know who helped get that passed other outdoors men and women because they didn't want that out in the field.

Ralph Cianciarulo 3:09
And for all of the division amongst ourselves. Here's what we want everyone to understand. And that is, we now have a voice. There's one organization that we truly have looked and watched and listened and learned about and we're all here to ask you one big favor. Check out Hunter Nation.

Vicki Cianciarulo 3:30
Hunter Nation has our backs.

Ralph Cianciarulo 3:32
Put aside your brand, put aside your sign. Let us all unite.

Vicki Cianciarulo 3:42
Let's stick together Hunter Nation.

RJ Cianciarulo 3:49
They're here to back us up.