Hunter Nation Wins Yet Again in Wisconsin Court!

We just received word that the legal challenge brought by Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul - a known enemy of hunters and our lifestyle - attempting to remove Natural Resources Board Chairman Dr. Frederick Prehn via the courts was thwarted today when the Dane County Judge overseeing the case ruled in favor of Chairman Prehn maintaining his position!

This is a surprise win for Hunter Nation, but a win nonetheless!

If you'll remember from our previous updates on the ongoing legal saga over Wisconsin's wolf hunt, Hunter Nation attempted to intervene in this case and was denied by the Judge.  After this setback, we filed a brief stating our legal objections to the rule of law being trampled by not requiring Senate approval of any new nominee for this position.  The judge affirmed our position in her ruling and gave multiple references to case law and a Supreme Court decision when announcing her ruling today.

Dr. Prehn has been a tremendous champion for hunters and outdoorsmen during his tenure on the board and was instrumental in helping secure a wolf hunting season in Wisconsin this spring.  Chairman Prehn was also one of the leading advocates for increasing the wolf hunting quota during this fall's season.  Today's ruling reminded me of my testimony that day when I was asked by another member of the Committee who is not a Champion of Hunters, "When can we expect these lawsuits from Hunter Nation to stop?"  My simple answer:  when you stop breaking the law and violating the rights of Hunters!

While we are excited to see this victory achieved, the battle has only begun!  We are seeking to intervene in another case being brought by HSUS and a cabal of anti-hunting groups trying to stop our wolf hunt from is always the case, Hunter Nation will continue to lead the charge to protect and defend our lifestyle and our hunting traditions!

If you believe as we do, that American Hunters can unite and win these fights, we need you all to dig a little deeper in send in $20 $30, $50, or even $100 to help continue these efforts and see Hunters voices represented in the courtroom, in the Capitol, and in the press.