F&G Director responds to legal decision regarding wolf trapping and grizzly bears

Montana Outdoor – Moosetrack Megan
A March 19, 2024 federal court decision will change wolf trapping seasons in some regions of Idaho based on their alleged potential effect on grizzly bears.

“We’re very disappointed in this decision,” Fish and Game Director Jim Fredericks said. “While wolf trapping seasons will change to comply with the order, we’re considering our legal options to reverse a decision we believe is wrong based on the law and on-the-ground reality.”

The ruling perpetuates misunderstandings about wolves, grizzly bears and trapping in Idaho, Fredericks added.

“Idaho has had wolf trapping seasons for over 10 years. We’ve proceeded cautiously regarding expansion of wolf seasons over the years, including protections for our grizzly bear populations,” he said. “There’s no evidence of a grizzly bear injured, or even caught, in a legally set trap during our wolf trapping seasons.”

Prior to this decision, Fish and Game wolf trapping seasons varied across the state, based on public and private lands, potential conflict with other land users, and wolf conflicts with livestock and people.