Wildlife managers report first possible wolf pack sighting in NV in over 100 years

Nevada Current – By Jeniffer Solis

State wildlife managers reported a possible wolf pack sighting in Nevada for the first time in over 100 years on Wednesday.

Last week, a helicopter crew conducting an aerial moose survey spotted three suspected wolves traveling together in northeast Nevada near Merritt Mountain, north of Elko. State wildlife biologists are now working with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to confirm the sighting of one of Nevada’s most iconic native carnivores.

“The Nevada Department of Wildlife observed three suspected wolves, but we have not officially confirmed the sighting yet. We continue to investigate to learn more about the animals,” said Ashley Zeme, the public information officer for NDOW.

While Nevada has seen few confirmed wolf sightings in the last century, surrounding states have significant growing gray wolf populations. Idaho’s gray wolf population was estimated at 1,337 wolves in 2022, 37% higher than the original recovery goal for the animals, according to Idaho’s Department of Fish and Game.