Vermont Hunters: Act Now Before Bear Hunting Rights Are Destroyed


Four anti-hunting bills are being considered in the Vermont legislature that would severely restrict the practice of hunting bears with hounds in Vermont. If passed, these new rules around bear hunting with hounds - including keeping your dog in sight at all times and ensuring your dog does not ever cross into private property without previous written permission - would be nearly impossible for hunters to reasonably follow.

A hearing is scheduled tomorrow at 9 a.m. ET in the House Committee on Natural Resources, Fish, and Wildlife. We must act NOW to protect our hunting rights.

Take action today and tell the Committee on Hunting, Natural Resources, Fish and Wildlife to reject these unconstitutional restrictions on bear hunting!


Use the below information to email and call the members of the Committee on Hunting, Natural Resources, Fish and Wildlife.

Don’t know what to say? Here’s a starting point:

Hello, my name is____________. I’m calling from ________ in Vermont. I believe in the strong rights Vermont has for hunters. I am reaching out to urge you to vote NO on any unconstitutional restrictions on hunting in Vermont.

Committee on Hunting, Natural Resources, Fish and Wildlife Members:

Rep. Amy Sheldon, Chair
(802) 828-2228

Rep. James McCullough, Vice Chair
(802) 622-4035

Rep. Harvey Smith, Ranking Member
(802) 828-2228

Rep. Seth Bongartz
(802) 828-2228

Rep. Nelson Brownell
(802) 828-2228

Rep. Katherine "Kari" Dolan, Clerk
(802) 828-2228

Rep. Paul Lefebvre
(802) 828-2228

Rep. Leland Morgan
(802) 828-2228

Rep. Kristi Morris
(802) 885-2949

Rep. Larry Satcowitz
(802) 828-2228

Rep. Thomas Terenzini
(802) 828-2228

Legislative Details

House Bill 167 would create the Environmental Stewardship Board that would have the power to block and override the Secretary of the Fish and Wildlife Commission from implementing any rules and regulations impacting hunting, fishing and trapping.

House Bill 172 would ban recreational trapping and the hunting of black bears with hounds.

House Bill 316 would require a bear hunter to keep their hounds in both visual and vocal command distance at all times.

House Bill 411 would require hunters to salvage edible portions of crows, among other things.