Action Alert: Expand Hunting Rights in Montana

Should disabled veterans be allowed to hunt with accommodations on the land they fought and sacrificed for?

Do you think Montana should allow the disabled community the right to hunt and enjoy the outdoor lifestyle too?

If you answered yes, we need you to take action now.

Senate Bill 111, a bill allowing disabled veterans and individuals to hunt with crossbows during the early fall archery season in Montana, has stalled in the House Human Services Committee. Therefore, we support bringing the bill directly to the House Floor for a vote.

Hunting is an inherent right for all Americans, and that includes veterans and the disabled community.

Take action today. Call or email your representative and let them know you support the passage of SB 111.

Simply put, Montana's elected officials should support expanding hunting and outdoor opportunities for disabled veterans and individuals – not limiting it.


If you live in Montana, use the information below to call or email your state representative and urge them to pass Senate Bill 111.

Add your address in the form on the website and select your representative. You will then be able to click the email button. 

Let them know you support Senate Bill 111 and vote YES on a bill that would allow disabled veterans and individuals to hunt with crossbows during the early fall archery season in Montana.

What's next? Ask three friends in Montana to take action too. Together, we can be a united voice and help expand hunter's rights in Montana!

SB 111 is supported by: Montana Department of American Legion, Montana National Guard Association, Montana Veterans Association, Governor Gianforte, Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen, Disability Rights of Montana, Orthopedic Surgeon Dr Al Olszewski, Montana Association of Centers for Independent Living, 30 Montana Senators in the state Senate and Hunter Nation.

Please take 5 minutes out of your morning routine and immediately contact these legislators in Montana and ask them to stand for more opportunities in the outdoors for disabled hunters, including veterans who've laid it all on the line defending our freedom.

These 13 legislators will determine whether or not this bi-partisan bill that will allow disabled hunters to use a crossbow during the archery season will pass today in Montana. Vote "YES" on SB 111 and allow these heroes to pursue their passion in the outdoors.

Hunter Nation please email or call these legislators and let’s get this done for disabled hunters!

Representative Kim Abbott — HD 83
[email protected]

(406) 439-8721

Representative Alice Buckley — HD 63
[email protected]
(406) 670-0698

Representative Jennifer Carlson — HD 69
[email protected]

(406) 579-2929

Representative MaryAnn Dunwell — HD 84
[email protected]

(406) 461-5358

Representative Ed Hill — HD 28
[email protected]
(406) 390-1098

Representative Sharon Greef — HD 88
[email protected]

(406) 370-0580

Representative Jane Gillette — HD 64
[email protected]

(406) 444-4800

Representative Jessica Karjala — HD 48
[email protected]

(406) 672-8681

Representative Kathy Kelker — HD 47
[email protected]

(406) 652-6716

Representative Ed Stafman — HD 62
[email protected]
(406) 640-3362

Mallerie Stromswold — HD 50
[email protected]

(406) 670-0698

Representative Danny Tenenbaum — HD 95
[email protected]
(406) 285-1460

Representative Tom Welch — HD 72
[email protected]

(406) 683-4811