The Future of Hunting Must Start Now!

If anyone is looking for a healthy dose of truth and logic these days on the topic of hunting, the best place to turn is Ted Nugent.  Ted has been celebrating and promoting the benefits of living a hunting lifestyle for decades.  What makes Ted Nugent unique is that he is, not only the most recognizable celebrity in the hunting world, he is a worldwide rock star which gives him a much larger platform to promote hunting.  And, rest assured, Ted Nugent has not missed one opportunity to promote and to speak openly and honestly about hunting.

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Unless you have been living under a rock these past two years, it is clear that, not only guns and hunting are under attack, but the Left is trying to destroy all of our Traditional American Values.  Although, historically, hunters have not openly gotten involved in politics, we can no longer afford to be silent.  If we don’t get politically active in 2020, our hunting lifestyle, along with many of our other Traditional American Values, will be lost forever.  That is exactly why we founded Hunter Nation.

Hunter Nation will unite all hunters, hunting any specie, in any region of the country, into a powerful grassroots army which will make the difference in the 2020 elections.  Hunter Nation is proud to have Ted Nugent on our advisory board as he is leading Hunter Nation’s efforts to build an army of hunters who will shape the future of hunting.  In a recent article, Ted Nugent said:

“Hardcore BloodBrothers have drawn the line and we created Hunter Nation to take the battle to the enemy.  Please think long and hard about this and please visit to see what we are up to and how you can join the team for a brighter hunting future.”

To read the rest of Ted’s recent article in Deer & Deer Hunting click here

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