Hunter Nation: America’s leading grassroots hunting organization mobilizes 300,000 Wisconsin Hunters in support of Dan Kelly

Grassroots hunting advocacy group invests in a six-figure digital ad buy and grassroots campaign featuring celebrity rock star and hunter, Ted Nugent.

Mission, KS – Hunter Nation, Inc. is making a strong final push in the Wisconsin Supreme Court race to support Daniel Kelly. The group has committed six figures for a combined issue advocacy and independent expenditure ad buy and direct to grassroots voter communications for the April 4th general election to elect a justice who respects the Constitution and the rule of law.

The investment will go toward a hyper-targeted digital advertising and CTV ad buy, social media ad campaign, direct to voter text messages and phone calls urging hunters and 2nd Amendment advocates across the state to vote for Dan Kelly for Supreme Court.

Hunter Nation, Inc is mobilizing over 300,000 Wisconsin Hunters & 2nd Amendment voters who do not regularly participate in Wisconsin’s Spring elections.  Thousands of the hunters have been members of Hunter Nation in Wisconsin and many more are voters and households who hunt and align with the organization’s values.

“Hunter Nation has a proven track record of activating the American Hunter, a patriotic but apprehensive group of citizens, to participate in elections,” said Keith Mark, Founder of Hunter Nation.  “We are excited to work with our celebrity partner & spokesman, Ted Nugent, to help us drive Hunters to vote for Dan Kelly for Wisconsin Supreme Court.”

Hunter Nation’s ads highlight celebrity ambassador Ted Nugent speaking directly to hunters.  In the ads, Nugent is quoted saying:

 “If you don't vote for Dan Kelly on April 4th you stand to lose your 2nd Amendment and hunting rights. Soft on crime Janet will take your guns, limit your hunting, and destroy the Traditional American Values we hold dear. Dan Kelly will protect those constitutional rights. If she wins then the Wolves will not only control the Wisconsin woods they’ll also rule the Wisconsin courts.” - Ted Nugent, Hunter Nation’s National Spokesperson

Hunter Nation is one of the nation's leading hunting advocacy groups and voice of the American Hunter.  Hunter Nation protects the Hunting Lifestyle and its rich heritage of its members and is dedicated to defend the Traditional American Values of God, Family, Country, and our Nation’s Constitution.

Contact Keith Mark, Founder & Chairman by email at  [email protected] for additional information.