Hunter Nation welcomes Brittany Jill as our Social Media Director.

Brittany Jill grew up fishing her entire life.  When she was a little girl her and her dad would go fishing when they were up north Wisconsin, and that’s where her love for fishing started.  There were ponds at cemeteries near where she lived and as she was growing up, she would ask her dad to go to the cemetery, because to her, that was where you go fishing.  Looking back, I now realize why I got weird looks from people when I’d ask my dad at parties to go to the cemetery after the party.

As for hunting, Brittany didn’t start until she was about 20.  She never had an opportunity to go hunting until she was older, and never knew what she was missing out on.  Once she shot her first turkey, she had the itch! She started hunting everything and anything that was legal.  She has hunted whitetail deer, ducks, geese, pheasant, alligator, elk, and red stag in New Zealand.  She loves big game hunting with her bow, but won’t turn down a hunt with her Browning!


Brittany got involved with Hunter Nation in 2019 when she had heard how many registered hunters don’t vote.  She wanted to help raise awareness that us hunters NEED to get out and vote! Through Hunter Nation, she has been able to share hunting camp with Ted and Shemane Nugent, Mark Geist, Greg Stube and many other inspiring patriots.  She also had the opportunity to meet Donald Trump jr out ice fishing.  It has been a very exciting journey so far, but she’s even more excited to see what is to come in the future!

Brittany started to grow her own social media back in 2016.  She knew she wanted to get into social media marketing, but at that time, it wasn’t really a career or even an opportunity many companies were interested in. Believe me, I called hundreds of company’s marketing departments.  In 2018 she got an opportunity to do social media for a company that had 7 brands when she began.  When she left in 2022 they had over 45 brands associated with the company.  She now has her own business, Britt Jill Marketing, where she assists brands with their social media, does 1:1 consulting, and does content creation.   She has grown her own social media to over 76K on Instagram, 150K on tik tok, 42K on twitter and 21K on clapper.  She is now taking over the Hunter Nation social media and The Nightly Nuge pages and we are very excited!


  1. Tim West on June 30, 2023 at 7:15 pm

    Women don’t get the real respect in the hunting world as they should. I wish her the best of luck!

  2. Mike Keeling on June 30, 2023 at 8:50 pm

    Welcome!! You hunt and fish and we have that in common. I don’t do social media but I’m glad for Christians that do.
    I pray for you and all The Hunter Nation family, as well as for this Nation and All of The Family of GOD ✝️ That You be BLESSED unto The Measure of THE LORD JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF.
    Yes & Amen

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