Jefferson County Court Agrees with Hunter Nation: Wisconsin DNR Infringed on Wisconsin Hunters Constitutional Rights

Kansas City, Mo. – A Jefferson County Court agreed with Hunter Nation today by ruling that the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) infringed on Wisconsin’s hunters right to hunt by delaying Wisconsin’s statutorily required wolf hunt. The permanent injunction granted to Hunter Nation against the DNR means the agency must follow the law when it comes to administering a wolf hunt in Wisconsin.
In a historic ruling, the judge agreed with Hunter Nation’s argument that Wisconsin’s hunters constitutional right to hunt had been infringed upon.
“This is a historic day for Wisconsin’s hunters and for everyone who supports our constitutional rights,” said Hunter Nation President and CEO, Luke Hilgemann. “This ruling means that no rogue government agency, no anti-hunting special interest groups, and no politician can infringe on our constitutionally guaranteed right to hunt. Thanks to Hunter Nation’s efforts in court, we can be sure that our hunting heritage can be secured for generations to come.”

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