Uncle Ted – Ultimate Resource Management

Clearly, the jury is not still out when it comes to wildlife management 101. The inescapable proof and universal evidence of why game animals are thriving in America and elsewhere today is a direct result of the simplest of science; habitat management, its carrying capacity and the sustain yield annual valued harvest of the surplus.

Placing real world value on habitat protection, improvement, enhancement and overall management along with the monitoring of wildlife productivity is a virtual guarantee that these wonderful natural wildlife resources will thrive forevermore.

We the people in the hunting/conservation world can all rejoice and be exceedingly proud of such an accomplishment in a world that rarely does the right thing whenever government bureaucrats get involved. We’ve succeeded in spite of them so far.

These wildlife resources are truly precious and mean the world to nature lovers everywhere, which is why they remain in the asset column when bureaucrats get out of our way and let truth, logic, science and common sense guide our policies.


When I say usually, it is because it is unfortunately not always the case.

How would you like it if some man assumes the authority of whether you could hunt on Sundays or not?

How about if some man assumes the authority to take your hard-earned tax dollars and hire government shooters to kill bears year-round, using bait and hounds, where we are not allowed to utilize these same proven methods?

Just how angry would you be if huge tracts of public lands were off-limits to hunting but ignorant bureaucrats once again charged you to hire government killers to kill our game for us?

What would you say to a bureaucrat that lied to you claiming the number one game bird on planet earth was mysteriously categorized as a songbird?

What would you say to a government agency that finally allowed the harvest of overpopulated, crop destroying sandhill cranes, but forbid you to eat these rib-eyes in the sky?

How would you respond if government goons defunded the police, released violent criminals into your neighborhoods, then made it illegal for you to own or use a firearm to defend your family under these engineered exploding crimewave conditions?

Would you blindly obey a government decree that forced your children to wear dangerous, proven health destroying facemasks allday in school?

Some might ask what such concerns have to do with our hunting rights, but know for sure that any arbitrary, punitive, nonsensical regulation relates to all such over-reach by out of control bureaucrats.

I could go on with diabolical after diabolical examples of such insanity, but the bottomline is this; just how much of this crap are we willing to put up with?

Clearly, many dedicated, longtime sporters have decided not to put up with it by simply not buying hunting or fishing licenses and just decided to quit altogether.

To my way of thinking, this very frustrating runaway self-inflicted attrition is not only not the answer, but dangerously counterproductive to not just the future of conservation, but ultimately, the future of true freedom in America.

You know damn well that all those currently existing examples of nonsensical power abuse above, and many, many more like them are glaringly wrong and against everything America stands for.

Which brings me to the most important resource management in the history of the world; We the people resource management.

When anyone pushes us to obey unjust, glaringly nonsensical regulations, we cannot bend over and let them get away with it. We must fight back and demand truth, logic, science and common sense to guide our decisions.

In the world of conservation, this runaway cultural depravity threatens the very future of hunting, and freedom in America.

For far too long, far too many otherwise smart, patriotic Americans have stood on the sidelines watching it all happen.

Thank God a vibrant awakening is taking place across America, and I for one believe the most effective army for change and upgrade can be found in the conservation families of America.

When a runaway overpopulation of wolves were destroying the deerherd of Wisconsin, and creating a very dangerous condition for rural families, it was Hunter Nation that charged forward and demanded a long overdue wolf hunt.

In the 2016 presidential election it was Hunter Nation that rallied across the heartland, waking up the sleeping giant of licensed hunting families to get out and vote that made the difference in winning voting margins to elect a candidate that stood for God, family, country and our hunting lifestyle.

I kid you not, human resource management is basically how America was founded. No more kings, no more tyrants, no more emperors, just we the people experimenting in our own self-government, bringing forth the greatest quality of life, freedom, liberty and pursuit of individual happiness in the history of humankind.

Nothing screams such American independence and rugged individualism quite like the hunting lifestyle, and it could very well end up being upon us to make the precarious quality of life upgrade in these trying times.

Ask yourself; are the hunting and fishing and trapping regulations perfect in your state? Do you have a list of sensible upgrades that would make our outdoor lifestyle better, more fun, more effective, less cumbersome and more attractive?

As the summertime buffer months leading up to hunting season 2021 drag on, I would beseech all sporters to look into HunterNation.org to see how more and more dedicated families are rolling up our sleeves to take on the toxic status quo of over-regulation for better, smarter outdoor family fun.

If we fail to unite for such upgrade, we will continue to lose hunter numbers and hunter’s rights at a dangerous and alarming rate.

Some apathetic Americans continue with the insanity of the cultural suicide of squawking; I’m not into politics.

Such irresponsible disconnect is exactly what put America in this embarrassing downward spiral we find ourselves in today.

If only the true spirit of independence and individualism would unite us, we could truly reverse these treacherous trends.

Please galvanize all your hunting friends to become a positive force for America to reckon with.

Please visit HunterNation.org, join us, and help get America back on a TruNorth track.