Activist California Judge Halts
Responsible Predator Management
for America’s Farmers, Ranchers, and Families

Kansas City – A California judge mandated today that federal protections for gray wolves be restored for wolf populations, a ruling that will halt responsible and common-sense predator management solutions across the country.

“We are disappointed that an activist judge from California decided to tell farmers, ranchers, and anyone who supports a balanced ecosystem with common-sense predator management that he knows better than them,” said Hunter Nation President and CEO Luke Hilgemann. “At Hunter Nation, we prefer to trust local experts and conservation and hunting partners to come up with predator management programs that make sense for them rather than putting our faith in bureaucrats who don’t spend time in the woods or never have to deal with the negative consequences of an uncontrolled wolf population.”

Hunter Nation is considering all legal options and will continue to work with local partners to help them have the freedom to create predator management programs that work for them.

The organization looks forward to the Biden Administration appealing this ruling to make sure that farmers, ranchers, and livestock and pet owners aren’t negatively impacted.

In September 2021, Hunter Nation filed a brief defending hunters in this case. You can read the press release from that brief here.



  1. joe jensen on March 9, 2022 at 8:08 am

    Wolves must be managed by states. Not some radical leftist CA. judge. That ruling has to be canceled, and bring back wolf hunting in my state of WI.

  2. All New on March 26, 2022 at 2:57 pm

    Radical, activist judges are the enemies of the people regardless of which “side” they’re on. We need to be the voices of reason and balance otherwise we are no better than they are. We have to have a clear and intelligent definition of wildlife management versus wildlife eradication. That includes all of the Apex predators.

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