Uncle Ted – PreSeason Inventory

AUGUST! Say Hallelujah like you mean it! Another month down and another month closer to our glorious, long awaited, need it more than ever fall season-O-harvest!

You do realize that a whole herd of gungho dedicated hunters around the world are already hard at it, don’t you!

I’m getting photos daily from my SpiritWild backstrap buddies with big grins and hands full of big old California blacktails, Florida whitetails, hogs and gators, Alaskan and Canadian bighorn sheep, mountain goats, Texas rams and various exotics, African game of every imaginable species, and of course fish, fish and more fish as summertime 2021 throttles on towards our beloved autumn.

I’ve tried valiantly to arrow one of the many exotics we celebrate here in Texas, but amazingly have been skunked every time and time again. How can that be when exotic hunting is a fish in the barrel kind of thing!

Cuz it aint, that’s why!

Crazy lucky me, I get to hunt year-round in Texas, and therefor am constantly reviewing my arsenal of bows, arrows, guns, ammo, optics, camo clothing and gear and all the plethora of associated sporting goodies that need to be reckoned with for optimal quality time afield.

The vast majority of sporters eagerly await October for the games to erupt, but we should all know by now that it is here in the month of August when we should really get cracking to make certain our supplies are ready to rock.

Most dedicated hunters shoot our guns and bows throughout the year, but for whatever reason, some are not able to do so, and therefor must start now to scrutinize everything we will use come fall.

Sporting goods stores across the land are experiencing the annual flood of consumer activity right now as so many are getting their arsenals stocked up.

In our inexhaustible quest to never miss again, now is the time to make sure our bows are super-tuned, strings waxed and in perfect working order, our arrows are super-straight, our broadheads are balanced, our guns are clean, scopes tight and zeroed, our ammo tested and stocked, and every detail of every piece of equipment is in optimum working order so as to never accept any excuse we could have is eliminated by smart, proper preparation.

Of course, hardware preparation is paramount for effective hunting, but more important than the physical tune-up is the psychological and spiritual preparation necessary to execute our reasoning predator goals and duties.

I am convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that most heartbreak in the great outdoors is 99.9% of the time a direct result of not nurturing the proper mindset.

All those incredible mad scientists out there at the pro-shops that can tune our bows and mount our scopes perfectly certainly make things a whole lot easier for effective and successful hunts for those of us that need such mechanical assistance.

But only each of us individually and independently can adequately prepare us to be the absolute best predator we can be.

I’ve stated thousands of times in interviews, articles, books, blogs, podcasts, interviews, seminars and campfires that the mental and spiritual journey back to the purity of our hunting instincts in the modern world can often be the Donner’s Pass of psychological cross-country travel.

Some can accomplish this cultural transformation better than others, but in the unprecedented craziness of 2021, the terrain has never been more foreboding or treacherous.

The onslaught and level of insanity perpetrated by government, media, academia and Hollywood is a formidable four prong attack on our very culture, and our logic meters are spinning wildly out of control.

Now we have to get back to the most fundamental touch with God’s miraculous scientific creation and plunge soul first into its perfect reality as conscientious participants like we are supposed to be.

Examining our gear for flawless performance is one thing, but digging deep into our souls to function naturally in the natural world may take a bit more effort and probing.

Me, I plunge and probe, improvise, adapt and overcome on a daily if not hourly basis, and it is good for the spirit and soul.

My gear works great, my brain works great and my spirit soars on the wings of an eagle.

I am ready for the hunt. Be ultra-ready for the hunt, and everything else will fall into place.



  1. Rick on August 24, 2021 at 6:54 pm

    What can I say other than thank you and the patriots that still exist and thrive in the greatest experiment in divine freedom this world has ever known! My wonderful wife and I thoroughly appreciate the truth logic and common sense you bring through your living example of what it means to be an American patriot! My father honorably served this country in Korea and came back to the streets of Boston to be a police officer and although far from a perfect man as none of us are are was blessed to realize early in my life that survival is more than just going along to get along but to stand up for what you believe in. I pray to have the courage to speak my mind more freely albeit how difficult it is to live in one of the bluest of the blue states where I feel our voices seldom matter.
    As a kindred spirited musician I try to express those emotions through the energy of my own musical talents. We saw your show in Lynn Mass a few years ago and
    We’re considering a move to somewhere where we can live the dream while we’re still young enough( NH?) and started to look at learning the flight of the arrow with a bow purchase. Thanks for the tip on choosing a first bow to start light on how it should feel when drawing back as a beginner!
    God bless you and your family and all of the folks at hunter nation! I’ll be subscribing as a member as soon as I wrap this up.

    Rock on!

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