Uncle Ted – Realworld Survival Skills

You feel it don’t you! A burning, powerhouse throbbing deep in our souls! As summer throttles on, our spiritual radar is picking up super strong signals all around us, and as hunters in the modern world, we know exactly what to do with these signals.

The primal scream is alive and well as long as we pay attention.

As we witness the inescapable ugly results of a society inexcusably further disconnecting from the natural world around them, and the self-preservation instincts associated with it, we can rejoice our eternal participation and reverence for the natural world and its soul cleansing healing powers.

We can’t wake-up everybody in the world, but we sure can alert the people in our lives how critically important a role the natural world plays in ultimate quality of life.

The spirit of the woods is like an old, good friend. It makes us feel warm and good inside!

If you truly want to meet a strong, well grounded, truly independent, tuned in rugged individual, I give you the American hunter.

If any specific demographic in America best represents the traditional American family values of God, family, country, freedom, work ethic and law and order, it would be the licensed hunting families of this great nation.

When a storm hits, a flood rages, the power grid shuts down, you will witness a camo clad army of capable individuals coming to the aid of their neighbors, ready to give their all for others.

With the glory of fall right around the corner, I believe the air is ripe, literally and figuratively, for getting our conservation message across to the heretofore resistant.

I’ve railed extensively for many years how the future of hunting rights and all the natural rights and freedoms that go along with them are increasingly on the chopping block in a world gone politically correct berserk, but even the most liberal cultist can now see the cultural suicide bleeding to death at the hands of comfortably numb denial freaks and their dangerous anti-nature policies.

It is prime time to pounce on this opportunity to educate and inspire such people to see the light of nature and unleash their deep, powerful instincts to be self-sufficient and truly independent.

It may seem outrageous (my specialty) to think a day at the archery ranger can save the world, but I am convinced it is the most efficient first step.

In the never-ending insane whirlwind of the dumbing down of America where most schoolkids wouldn’t know which end of a hammer to grab or how to function without their cellphone zombie apparatus, I have seen it with my own eyes how ten minutes with a bow and arrow ignites a buoyancy and high energy aliveness in kids of every age and social economic strata.

We are all kicking our huntseason prep up a notch every day these days, so let us make it a point to reach out to everybody and anybody we can to take them to the sporting goods store shopping with us, setting up a bow for them, taking them to the 3D range, hitting the trap and skeet range or maybe a little .22 plinking time.

The fires of freedom can ignite from the smallest of sparks, so let us be the flamethrowers of recruitment into the eye-opening world of the great outdoors as a giant first step back to self-sufficiency and a conservation lifestyle.

Truth, logic and commonsense will naturally occur once these pure instincts begin to surface.

If ever there was a calling from God to mend our human ways, the planets are as aligned as they have ever been right now, and those of us that know better have a responsibility to help our fellow man.

Join us at HunterNation.org to be a part of this activist army to fulfill our We the people duties for a stronger America.



  1. Tim Selquist on August 20, 2021 at 6:24 pm

    Plain and simple, amen brother.

  2. Irv Goldfarb on August 21, 2021 at 11:16 am

    Hey Ted…I was a disk jockey in the late ’70’s and throughout the ’90’s in Buffalo, NY and in Connecticut. When I was in Buffalo, you and I became friendly and you appeared on my show a number of times. (There’s even a picture of us posing together backstage that appeared in a radio magazine in 1978…and yes I still have a copy of it…)
    I also got the opportunity to take a couple of contest winners to your show in New Haven and you were gracious enough to meet them in your dressing room BEFORE the show, which of course is rare for an act of your magnitude!
    Anyway, we lost touch over the years. But being Fox News viewers (and BIG Donald Trump supporters!) my wife and I saw you last week, so I thought I’d try and reconnect. Love to send you some pictures of us from back then if you can tell me how I can get them to you. Thanks Uncle Ted!

  3. Janet KAYDA on August 24, 2021 at 5:59 pm

    Just had signed up for theHunter Nation but didn’t get this particular email. My daughter sent it to me.
    I would love to receive this part of the Hunter Nation. My husband heard from Sheriff Clark regarding same issues.
    Both my husband and I being in our mid 70’s don’t feel powerful enough to lead but have been waiting for those who can and we are ready.